What at some point was a sign of economical boom and a better quality of living has long become an eyesore in German cities. This magazine is a love letter to the remaining concrete monsters and everything around brutalism in Frankfurt.

Art Direction and Creation - Alyx Feigel
Photography - Alyx Feigel
Interview - Brutalismus_Offenbach
Interview - Alyx Feigel, various sources
Correction - Kieran Risse


Editorial Design


Summer, 2020


European School of Design

Environmental Storytelling


This project has been inspired by my love for brutalism as architecture but also from an environmental storytelling perspective. One of my favorite games CONTROL uses it to perfection.
Those monumental concrete shapes convey an almost inhuman atmosphere and stand in strong contrast to everything else in the scene. Those vast spaces are inviting to be explored yet feel somehow alien.


Concrete also offers the perfect blank canvas for storytelling. It's untreated surface is often victim to all kinds of weathering through time and feels all to inviting to be vandalized. Over time it almost feels like taking a peek into it's history by watching all those layers of wear and tear stacked on top of each other.