Back to the Roots

In our current society we as humans and nature couldn't be farther apart. Even though it is essential to our wellbeing and survival we keep destroying our local flora and exploit all of its natural ressources.

This project is meant to create a bridge between organic and technological matter. Surrounded by nature but still being separated, slowly converging. She is confronted by her own digital being. A thought about a potential utopian future where nature and technology might not be as separated as they currently are.

Creative Direction and Photography - Self
Project Management - Self
Model - Nelly S. from Birdcage
Make Up - Florian Füll
Fashiondesigner - Julian Brecht
Assistance - Maleen Moter, Max Bolczek


Conceptual Photography


Spring, 2020


European School of Design

Behind the Scenes

as part of my photodesign course I was responsible for the creative direction, project management as well as production of the photo shoot. In cooperation with the Palmengarten Frankfurt as well as a talented variety of other teammembers named above I was able to bring turn this project from an intitial sketch and concept to reality.