Real Time 3D Interpretation of the Owl House. The Owl House is a show made by Dana Terrace and her Team at Disney.
This project is an exploration of bringing 2D worlds into another medium giving the world a darker realistic look while staying truthful to its stylized roots.

2D Concept - Owl House Team at Disney
Real Time Unreal Environment - Alyx Feigel


Environment Art


Fall, 2020



Behind the Scenes

This project offered a unique and interesting challenge in the abstraction of the referenced material.
What can be changed and what needs to stay the same to make it fit the world?
A great example are the trees that started out fairly accurate to the original but got reworked completely
to fit the new medium as a more realistic reinterpretation.

I wanted to explore a semi realistic style that takes a lot of inspiration from cel shading and painterly textures while still retaining a more realistic lighting. I also explored different aspects of Tech Art like creating the animated emission shader for the foliage. The bright highlights create a unique contrast towards the otherwise darker lighting of the scene.
Overall this evokes the feeling of a grim magical forest that yet has a mesmerizing magical apsect to it. It plays with the shows theme of being stranded in an uninviting world that yet feels irresisteble to explore despite its risks

Inspiration / Reference

The project was discovered by the showrunner of the source material Dana Terrace and received a wider recognition in the Fanbase with about 120k views on Twitter. It also got staffpicked for the Unreal Screenshot Saturday.

Screencaps taken from Show "The Owl House" by Dana Terrace - All Rights belong to Disney
(Source: https://disneynow.com/shows/the-owl-house)

Clay Render

Albedo Render

Early WIP

Media Recognition

The project was retweeted my the showrunner Dana Terrace and receive recognition in the fanbase as well as a staffpick at the Unreal Engine ScreenshotSaturday